Subaru Impreza - Steering Bushing Install

Benefits from this mod:

- More direct steering response
- Less tramline

Tools needed :

- 14mm & 10mm  socket
- Flat screw driver & small breaker bar
- Jack and Stands 

Installation Steps ::

1. Start with the driver side (more difficult) and remove the two 14mm bolts on the U shaped bracket.

2. Now remove the 10mm bolt from the bracket holding both lines on the passenger side.  

3. Next bend the 2 power steering lines down a bit (carefully!) and remove the passenger side U bracket bolts (14mm). Remove stock driver side bushing.

4. Next grease up the inside and outside of the new urethane driver side bushing. You will have to push/wiggle it in while also wiggling the steering rack. Use the flat screw driver to help and pull the rack down a bit with the breaker bar on the main shaft.

5. Remove the passenger side stock bushing and apply grease to the new one and install. Torque U brackets to 44 lb-ft and reinstall power steering brace/bracket.


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