Subaru Impreza - Air Ramp / Elbow Install.

Benefits from this mod:

- Air is channeled directly to the snorkel 
- Cooler air intake charge = more power
- Air bypass's resonator and goes directly to airbox

Tools needed :

- 12mm & 10mm  socket
- Flat/Philips flat screw drivers
- Jack and Stands 
- File or Dremel(prefered) with grinding/cutting bits

Installation Steps ::

1. Remove the snorkel's two bolts. Pull snorkel out.

2. Loose the clamp on the airbox and unclip the afm wiring harness. Then unclip the top part of the box and remove along with filter. 

3. Now jack up the front end of the car and proceed to remove the fender liner clips and fold the fender liner back towards the wheel.

4. Remove the 2 nuts holding the silencer, one in the engine bay and one inside the liner area.

5. Pull the silencer down, some jiggling around might be necessary. Picture of the silencer below.

6. Now go ahead and enlarge the snorkel a bit with your dremel so that you get a good fit over the new larger elbow.

7. Attach the new elbow using the provided bolt with the oem nut.

8. Re-install airfilter, box & afm harness. Loosely faster snorkel bolts back.

9. Now it's time to install the air ramp. First remove the grill (6 push tabs total). Loosen the passenger side radiator top mount a bit.

10. Next remove passenger side bolt holding the hood latch.

11. Then attach air ramp and slide it under the snorkel lip and fasten the passenger side hood latch bolt back.

12. The oem grill needs to be cut or filed a bit to increase the airflow going to the snorkel.

13. Once cut re-install grill and tighten the snorkel bolts and radiator mount bolt. Then go out and enjoy your new mod!.


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