Subaru Impreza - STi Pitch Mount Install.

Benefits from this mod:

- Less up and down movement of the motor.
- Stiffer in composition than the oem

Tools needed :

- 12mm, 10mm & 14mm socket
- Flat flat screw driver
- Torque wrench

Installation Steps ::

1. Remove the intercooler(ic). To do this first remove the 3 small 10mm bolts attaching the breather lines to the ic.

2. Then remove the 2 12mm bolts holding the bov to the ic.

3. Now remove the 2 bolts holding the ic down to the brackets.

4. Loosen the clamp connected the turbo to the Y pipe.

5. Now you can lift the ic out of the car carefully.

6. Proceed to remove the nuts and bolts securing the oem pitch stop. Use a 14mm socket


7. Now fasten the new pitch stop in place and torque the part that bolts to the firewall to 43 lb-ft and the part that goes to the transmission, 37 lb-ft.

8. Re-attach ic to turbo outlet and throttle body. Then re-attach the breather lines and bov.


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