Subaru Impreza Rear Endlink Install.

Benefits from this mod:

- Allows the rear sway bar to re-act quicker due to less flex.

Tools needed :

- 19mm, 12mm, 13mm sockets + wrench
- Torque wrench
- Car jack & car ramps

Installation Steps ::

1. Using the jack, lift up the rear of the car using the differential

2. Use the ramps or other suitable support to lower the car down so that the wheels are in there normal resting state.

3. Remove the nuts and bolts holding the oem endlink

4. Now grease up the new endlinks with lithium grease (inner tube, outer metal tube and bolts).

5. Reassemble with the big washer on the top facing outwards for the top bolt. Small waster on the lower bolt and 2 washers on with the nuts.

6. Torque top bolt to 18 lb-ft and lower bolt to 33 lb-ft.

7. Lower the car and go out for a spin!.

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